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    Video Tutorial: Add a duplicate record to WAP Online


    How to add a duplicate record in WAP Online:


    There are two methods in WAP Online that allow you to revisit and install more measures in a home that has already completed weatherization or emergency heat work:


    1. The client is still eligible and the recertified date isn't expired

    • Open the existing record from the main menu job list screen and go to the client job list screen and click add job to add a new job record to the existing client record.

    2. The recertified date has expired

    Watch the video above that will show you:

    1) Add a new Client using the “Add Client” screen.

    • a. Enter in the client address, save the client, a message will prompt you that it is a duplicate address. 

    2) The Client will be sent to the State Approval Screen.
    3) When the State approves the client, the client record can be edited. You can enter in Family members with the same SSN as the original Client. It will prompt you that the SSN is duplicate, but will allow you to save and service the client as normal.
    4) If the state does not approve the duplicate Client, a Job can not be added to the Client.

    Following this process will ensure that the state reports are accurate and that the Clients can be serviced.

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