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    How to use the HelloSign App to Sign Electronic Documents in HEAT


    This article will help you navigate the third party HelloSign app.


    Make sure to download the HelloSign app from the app store:

    Open HEAT and tap the Documents icon:

    A list of documents to e-sign display, tap the document.

    Tap the send to button in the top right:


    Select import with HelloSign:

    A message will appear to instruct you to "Tap to Insert Element":

    Each element can be moved and positioned on the screen.  In the example below, the text element can be positioned to fit within lines.  After typing the text tap done:


    And the text can be positioned with your finger to fit within a line. If necessary, add a new text element to fit text within the next row:



    When finished, tap send and select HEAT.

    The document will now appear with the e-signature information completed in HEAT.


    Here's a quick 30-second video that shows you the above steps in action: 


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