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    Fiscal Setup


    Fiscal Setup in Hancock

    Budget Allocation

    • Income Lines are tied to budget allocations.  
    • If you have funding sources where different income lines are used to determine eligibility you will need to set up multiple budget allocations.  
    • Allocations can be used to separate clients into subsets.  
    • Most grantees will only need to set up one allocation.

    Poverty Levels and Income Line

    • Enter the poverty levels and income lines.
    • Income Lines will be used to determine eligibility.  
    • Poverty Levels are used to associate client records with % of poverty demographic categories
    • If you have multiple allocations, enter income lines for each allocation.

    Funding Sources

    • Enter the names and details of your grants/funding sources

    Current Program

    • Define the current program year and all funding sources available for the year
    • Multiple program years are allowed to run at the same time, but the current program year will be the default and can be edited.

    Budget Types

    • Define your budget types such as Program Operations, Health & Safety, Administration, T&TA


    • Enter budgets for each agency

    Completion Rules

    • Define when the measures for a particular funding source can be invoiced if the job is leveraging more than one funding source
    • For Example – do all funding source measures need to be completed before you can invoice DOE
    • Or LIHEAP & RGGI Rule – RGGI and LIHEAP job measures can only be invoiced when both sets of measures are completed

    Funding Source Rules

    • Define what funding sources can be used together for a job
    • For example, you could define a rule that would allow DOE and LIHEAP to be used together on a single job, or a rule to prevent the 2 funding sources from being used on a single job

    Job Funding Limits

    • Define any limits for the cost of a job by funding source and budget type
    • If a job meets or exceeds the limits defined here the job will require approval from a state administrator


    Define Budget Adjust

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