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    How to Create a Proposal in MINT and Sync to the Hancock Energy Efficiency Cloud online portal


    While on site, quickly and easily create proposals for your customer.  

    In the MINT app, a file contains all the building information collected including items, areas and operating schedules, along with other pertinent information, such as pictures. The file also includes the ability to create proposals. A proposal is a way of describing recommended changes to the current building information. Proposals are generated after all building information has been added. For example, you can suggest that the customer replace one type of light fixture with a more energy-efficient fixture. Creating a proposal showing these changes enables an auditor to immediately show a customer how to achieve savings. And, all of this is done offline. No internet access is needed.  Changes can include adding new items or changing current items.

    The following steps show you how to create a new proposal in MINT and then how to sync this information to the Hancock Energy Efficiency Cloud online portal, which can then be used by your organization.

    To create a new proposal in MINT and then sync to Hancock Energy Efficiency Cloud online portal, complete the following steps:

    1. Open the Hancock MINT App on your iPad.
    2. In File Overview, tap Proposals.
    3. Tap Create Proposal.
    4. Add a name and description of the new proposal and tap OK.

      Your new proposal is added in the Proposal section. This example added Lighting. This information was populated from the existing inventory that was added when a new file was created.

    5. Press Details to view the items in your file. You can use this list to define the project.
    6. You can replace current items in this list. For example, you can replace a lamp. Tap Replace on the lamp row. The Replace an Item screen displays with a list of items to choose from.
    7. Tap the item you want to replace. The Search Catalog displays. If you are replacing an item with an item you recently used, press the Recently Used Items icon on the upper right. Otherwise, you can search the catalog to find the desired item.
      This example replaces T12 with a T5 from the qualified product list.

      The replaced item displays in the Items list.


      The Proposal module automatically scopes the price of the item replacement, the total estimated kilowatt hour savings per year, and the total yearly savings to the building owner.


      This allows you to be on site on a first visit and provide the building owner an immediate ROI of the proposed project.

      All of this has been done offline. Once you have completed your assessment, you must  sync the file to the cloud to avoid losing any data collected.

    8. In MINT, go to Home and press Sync on the bottom right.
    9. The following screen displays. Click Sync Now.

      Collected data will stream back to the Hancock Energy Efficiency Cloud online portal.

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