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    HEEC – Managing Users and Creating New Programs as a Program Manager


    Program Managers refer to employees, usually from utility company, and have the following responsibilities using the Hancock Software online portal:

    • Create and manage applicants as users
    • View pending incentive applications and request changes or additional information, reject, or accept application  
    • Create new programs to set the rules used to offer incentives or rebates to the applicant
    • Create reports
    Program Managers have access to the following four choices in the Hancock Software Online Portal toolbar, each described further in this document:
    • Admin tools
    • Incentive Applications
    • Reports
    • Utility Incentives
    • Building Audits

    Admin Tools

    Program Managers have the ability to create and manage applicants. Program managers have access to the following User tab, described in this section.


    Users tab: Create a new user

    1. In the Users tab, click New Users. The New User dialog box displays.
    2. Complete all information, including their Role, from the drop-down menu.

    3. Click Save.

    Note: You can also create a new role by clicking New Role on the top right. A New Role dialog box will ask for the name and description of the new role.

    Incentive Application

    View and manage existing applications

    To view or manage applications submitted by the Trade Allies, select Incentive Applications > Dashboard Applications.

    The New & Recently Updated tab provides a quick insight into current application changes.  

    All applications can be viewed in the Active Applications tab.

    You can view or edit any new or pending applications using the following steps:

    1. Select the application you want to view or manage and click Edit.
    2. Review or edit details.
    3. In the Supporting files tab, upload documentation used in analysis and click Update.

    4. On the top right hand side of the window, set the status (New, Awaiting, Submitted, or 
      Approved) and click 
    5. In the Notifications tab, notify the applicant of any needs or the status.

    Utility Incentives

    Program Managers create new programs, which set the rules used to offer incentives or rebates to the applicant. Programs also dictate the overall goals of the incentive, such as energy savings or available rebates. There are two types of incentive programs:

    • Performance
      • Applicant must at minimum meet consumption rules defined against a set maximum consumption within a defined building or area.
    • Deemed
      • Specific rules are applied, such as replacing a fixture with an approved item.  

    The Utility Incentives section provides two tabs, each described further in this section.

    • Incentive Programs (default window)
    • Measures
    • Power Density table

    Create a new program in the Incentive Programs tab

    The Incentive Programs tab (default window) lists all existing programs. You can also create a new program by completing the following steps:

    1. Click New Program on the top right-hand side of the window.

    2. The New Program dialog box displays. Complete all the fields.

    Note: In the Type field, choosing Performance vs. Deemed determines the behavior of the measures or incentives that will be available and display in this area.

    Choosing Performance adds two fields in this dialog box:

      • LPD Tables is used to choose which lighting performance density rules applicant must follow.
      • Performance Modifier (%) is used to set the minimum percentage that the applicant must meet or exceed the lighting density rules in the LPD table.

    Important: Use a start and end date to determine when applications can be submitted for this program. These dates can be edited at any time.

    1. Click Save.

    If it does not save, stars denote required fields that must be completed.

    Add New Measures

    Once the program is created, the Program Manager must add new measures in order for applicants to be able to qualify for incentives.  Start and end dates can be edited as needed. To add a new measure, complete the following steps:

    1. In the Incentive Programs tab, Program Name list, click the new program you created. Two sections display: Program Properties and Program Measures.
    2. In the Program Properties section, verify or change specific start and end dates for these incentives.
    3. In the Program Measures section, click Add New Measure.

    The New Measure dialog box displays

    Note: The Incentive Program field is prepopulated and choices display in the drop down menu.   

    Note: Field choices in this dialog box depend on which Type was chosen in the New Program field (Performance vs. Deemed).

    1. Complete the information needed and click Save.

    Important: If a program is in process, do not edit the measure. Instead, create a new one and remove the old one. Editing the measure will affect all applications in process.

    Once new measure is completed, applicants can begin the process to take advantage of energy and cost savings.

    Power Density Table tab

    The Power Density Table tab lists the standards for the state for lighting power density requirements by building and area type.

    Troubleshooting tip:

    If applicants are not able to enter an incentive application, Program Managers should first verify that the Program Properties field has a start and end date. If this is not the problem, check the Funding field to make sure there are sufficient funds available.

    Building Audits

    For complete instructions on how to use the Building Audits tab, refer to the following article located at https://hancocksoftware.zendesk.com

    HEEC - Creating Building Audits and Submitting Incentive Application as an Applicant (or Trade Ally)


    This area is under construction.


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