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    Protected Memory Error


    Energy Savings could not be calculated because of the following:
    Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that another memory is corrupt.

    Here are possible reasons:

    1)    Missing post SEER on heating/cooling record.

    • Fix:  Edit record, change the pre-SEER, save, edit and change it back.  The post-SEER is automatically calculated.

    2)    Missing zonal distribution record, or one or more heating/cooling records are not tied to a zonal distribution record.

    • Fix:  Check zonal records and make sure all heating/cooling records have been selected.  If a record is missing have the agency user update the record.

    3)    One or more weatherization, baseload, or DHW screens is missing a required field.

    • Fix:  Edit each screen and save.  If a required field is missing you will get a notification.  Have the agency user update that field.

    4)    Special characters in measure name.

    • Fix:  Check measures for single or double quotes.  Edit measure and change to ‘ft' or ‘in' as appropriate.

    5)    Window/door sections not associate with any wall section.

    • Fix:  Have the agency user either delete the extra windows/doors or add them to the appropriate wall.

    6)    A measure is marked as both energy saving and healthy & safety.

    • Fix:  Have the state office update the measure to be one or the other.
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