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    How to Upgrade MINT


    To upgrade the MINT app on a mobile device, users must perform the following steps, outlined in detail below:


    Detailed Steps:

    Sync Mint to the HEEC

    1. In MINT, go to Home and press Sync on the bottom right.
    2. The following screen displays. Click Sync Now.

      Collected data will stream back to the Hancock Energy Efficiency Cloud online portal.


    Download the latest version of MINT 

    1. Browse to https://one.hancocksoftware.com on your iPad.
    2. Log on using the username and password provided to you.  If you do not have a username and password, please contact your account administrator or contact support@hancocksoftware.com
    3. Tap Download. You will see a warning message that this is an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer." Click Cancel and dismiss this warning. Steps below will remedy this issue.  
    4. Tap Install.

    Click the Home button to view the App loading on your iPad.



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