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    Download HEAT App on iPad, iPad Errors, iPad App FAQ


    This Article will address the following:

    1. How to download the HEAT App on your iPad
    2. Error messages received during app download
    3. How to download a Job to your iPad
    4. Jobs not downloading to your iPad
    5. Uninstall/Re-install HEAT on your iPad
    6. FAQ 


    What is the Heat App?

    The HEAT App is an iPad ONLY app used to record an Audit without WiFi or an internet connection.

    The Audit can then be sent back to the main system when the Auditor has an internet connection.


    What specifications are required to run the HEAT app efficiently?

    Currently, the HEAT App is ONLY available on iPads that run iOS 9.3.5 (at a minimum) software. 16 GB or more is the recommended capacity.

    For most of our customers, auditors synchronize their iPads with their job list as least once a week.  In these cases, a 16GB iPad capacity is more than enough to hold 30 jobs and their pictures. When a job is uploaded to the cloud, which happens automatically when it is synchronized, the associated pictures are uploaded and all of the information is removed from the iPad following a successful upload.


    Downloading the HEAT App:

    *Please make sure you have a strong Internet connection*

    1. Open your preferred browser on your iPad and input the URL specific to your company or organization.
    2. On the Main Menu, enter your Username and Password from WAP/HEAT online and select "Login."
    3. In the bottom right, select "Try our mobile Energy Audit."
    4. Select "Install."
    5. Logout in the top right.
    6. Pull up your Settings screen and select the "General" section on your iPad.
    7. Under "General" scroll down and open "Device Management."
    8. In the Enterprise App section tap on “Trust ‘Hancock Software’"

    *Please Note: The version of HEAT on the App Store is not compatible with most state programs.

    Watch the Tutorial Here:



    Error Message on iPad HEAT App: Developer Not Trusted

    When you first open the HEAT app that you've manually installed, you may see a notification that the developer of the app isn't trusted on your device. You can dismiss this message but you can't open the app.

    You will need to follow steps 6-8 from above to resolve this issue.

    Downloading Jobs

    *Please Note: Internet Connection is required for this*

    1) Before a client can be downloaded to the HEAT App they must be assigned (on the website) to the auditor who is downloading and the client must be in a Scheduled status with a date. 

    2) You can download multiple clients at one time. However, make sure you are not downloading more than 10 jobs at a time as you will receive a Time Out error.

    3) Open the HEAT App and log in.  The login is the same as the website.  The same URL, the same username, and the same password, but you cannot be logged into both the website and the HEAT App at the same time.

    4) Once logged in you will see the Main Menu - a screen where you can Download, view Jobs, or Upload.  Tap Download.  All jobs in a Scheduled status and assigned to you will be downloaded to the iPad.

    ***Please Note: This will take a few minutes.

    You can now disconnect from Wifi and enter in your audits on-the-go!


    Uploading Clients

    1) Back on the Main Menu screen tap Upload.

    2) Enter your username and password.  If you included audio recordings with your assessment(s) you can choose to upload them or exclude them from the upload.

    3) Tap Start Upload.  All clients on your iPad will be uploaded to the website and removed from the iPad.

    4) After the upload completes you can close the HEAT App and log into the website (from your iPad or from another computer).

    5) Once logged into the website you will see the information you uploaded for the client(s).  For all completed clients, change their status to Audited so they won’t be downloaded again.


    Uninstall/Re-install HEAT App:

    1. If an existing HEAT App is on the iPad, please delete the app by pressing and holding lightly on the app icon. This will bring up the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner.  
    2. Press the X and the app will be removed.
    3. Reboot the iPad - Please power off and power back on the iPad prior to installing the HEAT App. (following the above installation instructions.)
      *Please Note: If you skip the restart step, the App may not update appropriately. 




    Why can't I log in/App crashes?

    • Please make sure that your Log In does NOT have any spaces in it. This can potentially make the App malfunction.

    How do I know what my URL is? 

    • When you Log In to the HEAT App, you tell the program which State or Agency you are operating under by entering the URL assigned to your State/Agency. This is the same one used to log in to WAP or HEAT Online. I.e. If you work for the state or company named  ZZ, you log into WAP Online on your computer by typing in https://ZZ.hancocksoftware.com/Wx


    On the iPad, you would enter in the first box: https://zz.hancocksoftware.com/Wx

    and use the same Username and Password that you use for WAP Online.


    I downloaded the App and Trusted it, but the jobs are empty. Now what?

    • When a user first downloads the Heat App to their iPad, the Jobs tab will be empty. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed by. You will need to follow the instructions listed under the "Downloading Jobs." 


    I've followed everything above, why am I still not seeing my jobs?

    • Verify that there are not TWO or more User Profiles for the same name listed under the Auditor's State. i.e. If an Auditor has two or more User Profiles in WAP/HEAT Online, jobs may be sent to the incorrect profile unknowingly. 
    • Before a Job can download, the HEAT App looks for jobs with the following:

      •    Jobs with a selected "Auditor" matching the Username that you logged in with.
      •    Has a Status of "Scheduled."
      •    Is not "Denied/Deferred."
      •    Created after 2015.  (Jobs before 2015 are not able to be audited with Heat)
    • If all requirements have been met, please email Hancock Software Support at: https://hancocksoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


    Possible Error Messages During Downloads:

    • Each Hancock Customer has their own version of the HEAT iPad app. This ensures the energy audit maps directly to the state's desired process.
    • If an incompatible version of HEAT is used, the result may be an error on Client Job Download.

                   Some examples of this error include:
                   “Download Warning”
                   “Download Error"
                   "Invalid column name: maximum cost”

                     "Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=..."

    To address this error:
    1. Delete the current HEAT App from the iPad (uninstall instructions listed in above section)

    2. Restart your iPad- Hold down the power button on the top and slide the icon on the screen to Power Off.  

    3. After 30 seconds press the power button again to restart.

    4. Download the app from your state URL (see instructions listed in above sections).

    How do I know if my iPad is up to date?

    • When operating on outdate software, your iPad may not function properly, thus creating errors during your HEAT App use. To update it, simply follow these steps: 
    1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
    2. Select "Settings" (the gear-looking icon)
    3. From this screen, on the left, select "General."
    4. On the right side of the screen, select the "Software Update" tab.
    5. If there is an update available, select "Download and Install."
    6. After the update is complete, re-start your iPad by holding down the power button on the top and slide the icon on the screen to Power Off. 
    7. Wait 30 seconds and press and hold the Power button until the Apple icon appears.

    **** Please Note: You will need a strong internet connection for a system update.


    I have more than one HEAT login and I want to use them on my iPad

    The HEAT app for iPad gives a warning message when attempting to switch logins. If the data has not been uploaded BEFORE switching between logins, the data will be deleted for security reasons. Always upload jobs before switching between HEAT app logins on iPad to preserve all previously created/modified data.








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