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    How Contractors Can Invoice Agencies


    Subcontractor Invoicing

    A subcontractor invoicing feature in Hancock came out in August 2017.  If you do not have this feature and are interested in it, please submit a new support ticket and your account manager will reach out to your state's contacts.

    Here's how it works:

    WORK ORDER - Agency assigns subcontractor a work order

    A subcontractor invoice begins first by requiring the agency to assign a work order to a subcontractor.

    The agency user chooses a contractor in the Choose Contractor to field, clicks Apply All and Save.


    INSTALLATION - Contractor starts the invoice by recording installation details on the installation screen

    Open the installation record, record the date of the installation and your contractor invoice number if you have one.


    Click the Measures tab and edit a row and enter the prices for the measures in the install quantity and install unit cost fields.  Save the row and Save and Close at the bottom.

    INSPECTION - Agency reviews the installation and measure prices

    The agency user should open the inspection record, record the inspector and the date of the inspection.

    Then, review the quality of the installation and mark pass or fail.  Also, review the measure prices.

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