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    Add/Edit Measure for Job in Installed or Inspected Status


    In order to add or edit measures on Jobs that are in Inspected or Installed Status, you will need to start by deleting the Inspection and/or the Install Record.

    -If the Job is in Inspected Status, go to the Work Order Menu and select the Inspection and Installation screens and delete the Inspection and Installation records. This is done by selecting the trash icon Delete_icon.png. We recommend recording the dates in the case that you want to keep same data.

    -If the Job is in Installed Status, go to the Work Order Menu and select the Installation screen and delete the Installation record.

    PLEASE NOTE: If there is no option to delete the Install or Inspection Records, check to see if the Job is on an Invoice.



    Next, you will need to open a Change Audit. Under the Work Order Menu, select the Change Audit screen. Click Change Audit at the bottom of the screen.

    Once there is an open Change Audit, you can add or modify measures as you normally would.



    Once the desired changes have been made, you will need to Lock the Audit.

    For Full House Audits:

    1.    Open the Energy Savings.

    2.    Set the top pulldown to use ESTIMATED Costs.

    3.    Click Recalculate.

    4.    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Lock Audit.

    To lock Priority (Other / No Energy Model) Audits:

    1.    Open the Selected Measures screen.

    2.    Click Lock Audit at bottom of the screen.



    After you lock the Audit, return to the Change Audit screen.

    1.    Click Submit Changes.

    2.    Enter comments describing the changes and/or reason for the changes.

    The Job will now await a Change Audit Approval. The changes must be approved before you can proceed with the Installation

    Your Agency will be able to approve the Change Audit by selecting the Approve button at the bottom of the screen after entering a comment.


    If new measures were added, be sure to add a new Work Order

    You will then be able to add the Install and Inspection Records.




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