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    Priority Audit Screen



    The Priority Audit screen is a tool to enter energy audit information using the priority method, which addresses suggested areas of the house in order of their priority.  Measures can also be edited or deleted from this screen. 

    To begin entering energy audit information, select the job from the Job List screen, then open the Priority Audit screen from the WAP menu. 

    1. To edit an existing measure, click Edit at the beginning of the measure row.
    2. To delete a measure, click Delete at the beginning of the measure row.
    3. To sort the measures, click on a column heading. The column will sort lowest to highest. Click again to sort from highest to lowest.


    See the tasks below for more details on how to enter information.



    Enter Energy Audit Information, Related Tasks and Information,




    On the Priority Audit screen:

    1. Select the appropriate building type from the Priority Group drop-down list.
    2. Select the Priority from the drop-down list.
    3. Energy audit choices for the Priority you selected will display in green on the top left of the screen. Click on the appropriate link(s) to open each Energy Audit screen.
    4. Enter the existing conditions and install measures.
    5. When you have completed entering data on the energy audit screen, click Close to return to the Priority Audit screen.


    • Refer to the help documentation on each energy audit screen for instructions on entering data.



    When you have completed entering data, use the Selected Measures screen to perform the next steps for the job.  On the Selected Measures screen you can view all the measures entered on the Priority Audit screen and perform the following tasks:

    • Lock the Audit
    • Assign Funding Sources
    • Input Inspection Dates
    • Print the Install List
    • Create Work Orders
    • Edit the Unit Cost and Labor Cost for measures
    • Enter Comments for each measure


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