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    Client List Screen



    The Client List screen shows all clients in the system sorted by their WAP Rank and is used to View or Edit Client Information and track eligibility. System administrators can also delete clients from this screen. 

    The following information is displayed for each client in the columns and records can be sorted by any column:  First Name; Last Name; Street; City; County; Zip; Priority; Wap Rank;  Agency. 

    To View or Edit an existing Client, select Client List from the CLIENT menu.

    1. To View (read-only) an existing record, click View at the beginning of the row.
    2. To Edit an existing record, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    3. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row (Administrators only).


    See the tasks below for instructions on using the Client List.



    Search and Filter Options, Sort the Client List, Client Priority, WAP Ranks, Delete A Client, Error and Notification Messages



    To find a specific Client, enter the Client Number at the top of the screen and click Search.  If you do not know the Client number, enter any of the following search criteria or a combination of criteria and click the Apply Filter button.   

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Street
    • City
    • County
    • Zip
    • Priority
    • Agency (this will default to your agency, but Administrators can select any agency)

     For example, if you are searching for a client with the last name of Hartman, select Contains and enter “hart” in the Last Name column search box and click the Apply Filter button.  To see a list of all clients in a specific city, enter the name of the city.


    The Client list is displayed from the highest to lowest Wap Rank, but can be sorted by any column heading.  Click the heading once to sort the data in ascending order, click a second time to sort in descending order.



    Incomplete App – application is not complete.

    Eligible - client is eligible for weatherization work.

    Ineligible – client is not eligible for weatherization work.

    Ineligible/Incomplete – specific to multifamily projects where the applicant is not eligible or application is not complete.   



    A positive number identifies the need for weatherization based on an algorithm specific to each state. Factors that determine the wap rank may include but are not limited to: poverty level; age of occupants; number of occupants; high fuel burden; disabled occupants.

    • A WAP Rank of 0 indicates that the Application is not complete.
    • A WAP Rank 0f -1 indicates that weatherization work has been initiated.
    • A number greater than 1 indicates that the Client is eligible.


    Only System Administrators have rights to delete a client from the client list.  If the client has an active job (with a Job Status of Scheduled or beyond), the client cannot be deleted without first deleting the Job.


    “This is currently in use by another user” - another user is editing that client record and you can only access the client record in View mode by clicking .    


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