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    Job List



    The Job List screen shows all jobs in the system and is used to view or edit jobs.  A job must have a status of Scheduled or beyond to be displayed – applicants that do not have an active job will not show on this list.   System administrators can also delete jobs from this screen.  The following information is displayed for each, and records can be sorted by any column:  Job Number; Status; First Name; Last Name; Street; City; County; Auditor; Agency.  When you view or edit a job, the Audit Information screen will display.

    To view or edit an existing job, select Job List on the JOB menu

    1. To view (read-only) an existing record, click View at the beginning of the row.
    2. To edit an existing record, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    3. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row (Administrators only).


    See the tasks below for instructions on using the Client List.



    Search and Filter Options, Sort the Job List, Job Status Definitions, Delete A Job,



    You can search the job list by Job Type and/or Auditor name by selecting the criteria at the top of the screen and clicking Search.  To search for a specific job on the Job List screen, enter the desired search criteria (Job Number, Status, First Name, Last Name, Street, City, County, Auditor and/or Agency) and click the Apply Filter button.   

    For example, if you know the address of the job, select Contains and enter part of or the entire street name in the Street column search box and click the Apply Filter button.  To see a list of all jobs in a specific city, enter the name of the city.


    The job list can be sorted by any column heading.  Click the heading once to sort the data in ascending order, click a second time to sort in descending order.


     The job status field identifies the current status of the job.

     Scheduled – The Job is scheduled for an energy audit. 

     Audited – The energy audit is complete. 

    Work Ordered – A work order(s) is created and ready to be installed.

     Measures Installed - All measures are installed and ready for agency inspection.

     Inspected – All work is complete and inspected.


    • The overall job status will be the least advanced in the workflow. For example, if there are multiple Work Orders for a job, the status will not change from Audited to Work Ordered until all measures are on a work order.



    Only System Administrators have rights to delete a job from the job list.  If the client has an active job (with a job status of Scheduled or beyond), the client cannot be deleted without first deleting the job.


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