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    Change Audit




    The Change Audit screen is used to make changes to the original energy audit after the job is in a Work Ordered status (work orders have been created for all measures for the job).  Existing conditions and/or measures can be changed or deleted and new measures can be added.  Change Audit may be used multiple times for a job if necessary.  All changes can be viewed and/or printed, and once the changes are submitted and approved, the Work Order and Selected Measures screens are automatically updated with changes. 

    • For Full House audits, Change Audit must be used to make any changes to jobs that are in a Work Ordered status. Based on administrative settings for your system, you may also be required to use Change Audit for Priority (Other / No Energy Model) audits.

    The Change Audit screen can be accessed by opening the client’s record from the Client List screen and selecting Change Audit from the WORK ORDER menu.

    1. To make changes to a measure, click the Change Audit button and click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    2. To add a new measure go directly to the appropriate weatherization screen and enter the measure.


    See the tasks below for directions on entering change audit information.


    Request a Change Audit, Make Changes to the Audit, Lock the Audit, Submit Changes, Approve or Deny Changes, Change Audit Report, Related Tasks and Information


    From the WORK ORDER Menu:

    1. Select Change Audit.
    2. Click the Change Audit
    3. To edit an existing measure, click Edit at the beginning of the row for that measure. This will take you to the weatherization screen for that measure where you can make changes to the existing condition, edit the measure or delete the measure.
    4. To add a new measure, go directly to the appropriate weatherization screen and enter the measure.
    • Do not delete your existing Work Orders after making changes on this screen - existing Work Orders will be automatically updated with all changes. If you add new measures you will need to create a new work order(s) – new measures are not automatically added to existing work orders.


    When you have finished making changes, you must lock the audit before you can submit the changes. 

    • For Full House audits, if you have added new measures for the job go to the Selected Measures screen and assign a Funding Source to the new measure(s) before locking the audit.

    To lock the job for Full House audits:

    1. Open the Energy Savings
    2. Set the top pulldown to use ESTIMATED Costs
    3. Click Recalculate.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Lock Audit.

    To lock the job for Priority (Other / No Energy Model) audits:

    1. Open the Selected Measures
    2. Click Lock Audit.



    After you lock the audit, return to the Change Audit screen.

    1. Click Submit Changes.
    2. Enter Comments describing the changes and/or reason for the changes.
    • This will put the job on the Change Audit Approval The changes must be approved before you can proceed with the Installation.


    There are two ways to approve or deny audit changes based on your role and the rights assigned to that role.  If you have the necessary rights, you may be able to click the Approve or Deny button directly on the Change Audit screen.  If those buttons are not available, a system administrator will need to review the changes on the Change Audit Approval list and approve or deny them there.

    To approve the changes:

    1. Click Approve.
    2. Enter Comments describing why you are approving the changes.
    • Once the changes are approved, you can proceed with the Installation for the job.

    To deny the changes:

    1. Click Deny.
    2. Enter Comments describing why you are denying the changes.
    • If the changes are denied, all changes will be removed from the work order(s) and the Selected Measures screen and the job will revert back to the original condition.


    On the Change Audit screen, click the Change Audit Report button to display a printable report showing the changes.  This is a comprehensive report that will include all changes if more than one Change Audit has been done for a job.



    Work Orders and Selected Measures are automatically updated with changes made using Change Audit.  If new measures are added using Change Audit, a new Work Order will need to be created for those measures.

    On the Job List screen, all jobs that have had a Change Audit will be displayed with a superscript 2 ( 2 ) at the end of the job number. 


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