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    The Installation screen is used to record completed subcontractor or crew weatherization work orders.   After the work is complete, use this screen to enter the date work was completed and related comments.    

    The Installation screen can be accessed from WORKFLOW on the main menu, or by opening the client’s record from the Client List screen and selecting Installation from the WORK ORDER menu.

    1. To complete an installation, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    2. To view (read-only) an existing record, click View at the beginning of the row.
    3. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row.


    If Installation is chosen from WORKFLOW, all work orders for your organization will be listed. Individual work orders can be located by searching by Job Number, Status, First or Last Name.  If selected from a job, only work orders for that specific client and job will be listed.

    See the tasks below for directions on entering installation information.



    Search and Filter Options, Complete the Installation, Upload and View Photos, Delete an Installation, Statuses on the Installation Screen, Related Tasks and Information  


    To search for a work order on the Installation screen, enter the Agency (this will default to your agency, but Administrators can select any agency), Contact, Install Date range or Vendor at the top of the screen and click Search.  Or you can enter the desired search criteria (Job Number, Status, First Name, Last Name and/or Callback) and click the Apply Filter button.   

    For example, to see how many work orders are pending installation:

    1. From the main menu, select WORKFLOW and then select Installation.
    2. Select Equal To and Work Order from the Status Column search drop-down lists, and click the Apply Filter button.


    From the Client Menu:

    1. Select Installation and click Edit at the beginning of the row for that work order.
    2. Enter general installation comments in the Comment field.
    3. In the Installation Date field select a date using the Calendar feature or directly enter the installation date.
    4. Click the Measure tab to view a list of measures on the work order.
    5. Click Save.


    From the Main Menu:

    1. Select Installation from the WORKFLOW
    2. Find the work order or use the filters to search by Job Number, First Name and/or Last Name.
    3. Click Edit at the beginning of the row for that work order.
    4. Follow the steps listed above to complete the installation.


    Open an Installation record by clicking the Edit button.

    To upload a photo:

    1. Click the Upload Photo button at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Select the Measure Group from the drop-down list.
    3. Enter any Notes relating to the photo.
    4. Under Upload File, click Select File.
    5. Locate the file to upload and click Open.
    6. Click Save.

    To View a photo:

    1. Click the View Photo button at the bottom of the screen.


    Select Installation from WORKFLOW on the main menu, or by opening the client’s record from the Client List screen and selecting Installation from the WORK ORDER menu.  At the beginning of the row, click Delete to remove the work order.

    • An installation can only be deleted if it has a status of Install in the Status. If the status is Inspection, it must first be deleted from the Inspection screen.


    Work Order – Work order has been completed; pending subcontractor or crew installation.

    Install – Work order has been installed; pending agency inspection.

    Inspection – Work order has been inspected; measures have not been invoiced.

    Inspected – All work orders for the job have been inspected and invoiced.

    Monitor – The job has been monitored by the state or grantee.


    Installation is the second in a series of steps to take a job from Audited to Complete.  After the installation is complete, the next step is Inspection.  The status of a job is automatically updated in the system as you complete the steps and enter data into these screens.  Some jobs may also be selected for Monitor Inspection, but that is not required to complete a job.  The work order, installation and inspection must be completed before a job can be invoiced.

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