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    Adjust Budget



    The Adjust Budget screen is used to move funds from one budget type to another.  Based on administrative settings, you may be limited to making adjustments within a single funding source or in some cases you can make adjustments between funding sources.  Your administrator also defines rules identifying what budget types can be adjusted using this screen.  When these rules are set up, they are given an Interchangeable Name that describes the rule.  

    • If multiple budget types can be adjusted under a single rule, funds will always be taken from the budget type with the highest balance.


    To access this screen, select Adjust Budget on the REPORTING menu.


    See the tasks below for instructions on using the Adjust Budget screen.


    Make a Budget Adjustment, Related Tasks and Information


    On the Budget Adjustment screen, enter the following search criteria or a combination of criteria and click Search:

    • Agency (this will default to your agency, but Administrators can select any agency)
    • Program Year
    • Interchangeable Name (this is the name of the rule you will use to make adjustments)

    To view all the information, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen.

    Enter the new amount in the appropriate Budget Type field.

    • If you are adjusting budget types in the same funding source, the amount of the other budget type will be adjusted accordingly. If multiple budget types can be adjusted, funds will be taken from the budget type with the highest budget.
    • If you are adjusting budget types across multiple funding sources, the funding source with the highest budget will be adjusted.



    When you adjust budget amounts using this screen, the affected budget balances will be updated on the Budget Balance screen.



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