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    Family Screen



    The Family screen is used to document all family members and/or occupants residing at the client address. Recording family information identifies family members who are children, disabled and elderly, and for programs that prioritize service delivery based on demographic data, WAP Online awards “points” to a client’s WAP Rank (Priority) if appropriate.

    • Data entered on this screen will override any Demographic data on the Client Information


    The Family screen is accessed by opening the client’s record from the Client List screen and selecting Family from the CLIENT INTAKE menu.

    1. To create a new record, click Add.
    2. To view (read-only) an existing record, click View at the beginning of the row.
    3. To edit an existing record, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    4. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row.


    See the tasks below for instructions on entering Family information.


    Add Family Member, Related Tasks and Information


    From the CLIENT INTAKE menu:

    1. Select Family and click Add.
    2. Enter the family members First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.
    3. Enter their Date of Birth.  (please note that once the data is entered, the ages shown are the ages of the clients as of the approval date, not the current date.)
    4. Enter their social security number in the SSN
    5. Select F for Female or M for Male from the drop-down list in the Gender
    6. If you entered their Date of Birth, the age will be automatically calculated. If you did not enter their date of birth, enter their Age.
    7. The age boxes (0 to 2, 3 to 5, 6 to 17 and >=60) will be automatically checked based on the date of birth.
    8. If this family member is a Veteran, Parenting or a Pregnant Teen, click the appropriate box(es).
    9. If this family member has a Disability, select Yes from the drop-down list.
    10. Select their Employment Status from the drop-down list.
    11. Select their Race from the drop-down list.
    12. Select their Relation to the applicant from the drop-down list.
    13. Select their highest level of Education from the drop-down list.
    14. Select their primary Language from the drop-down list.
    15. Select their Medical Insurance from the drop-down list.
    16. Select their Marital Status from the drop-down list.
    17. Click Save.
    18. Repeat the steps above for each family member.


    • The applicant is automatically added at the top of the list. Be sure to edit that record and enter the correct information.


    1. Family members must be entered on this screen before you can enter income information on the Income screen.
    2. Data entered on this screen will update and override any Demographic data on the Client Information screen.


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