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    Job Process Report



    The Job Process Report provides an overview of all jobs in the system within a specified date range.  The following information is displayed in the columns:  Intake Clients; Scheduled Jobs; Scheduled Days; Audited Jobs; Audited Days; In Process Jobs; In Process Days; Completed Jobs; Completed Days; Units Completed.  To display a report that can be printed or exported to Word, Excel or a .pdf file, click the Job Process By Agency or Job Process By County buttons at the bottom of the screen. 

    • A job could be counted in multiple columns for the specified date range. For example, a job could have been both audited and completed within the date range that you enter.


    See the tasks below for instructions on using the Job Process Report.



    Search Options, View the Number of Jobs By the Job Status, View the Number of Clients by Status, Related Tasks and Information,


    To search the Job Process Report, enter the Agency (this will default to your agency, but Administrators can select any agency), County, Funding Source, Program Year and/or a Date Range at the top of the screen and click Search.



    Enter a date range and click the Search button.  You can also specify a Funding Source and/or Program Year.  The column headings show the number of jobs in the appropriate status and the average number of days.   Column statuses are:

    Scheduled Jobs– the number of jobs scheduled for an energy audit. 

    Scheduled Days – the average number of days between the Application date and Assessment Date

     Audited Jobs– the number of jobs where the energy audit is complete. 

    Audited Days – the average number of days between the Assessment Date and 1st Work Order date

    In Process Jobs – the number of jobs that have at least one Work Order but the Inspection(s) are not complete and they have not been invoiced.

    In Process Days – the average number of days between the 1st Work Order Date and Last Inspection date (all inspections completed)

    Completed Jobs – all measures have been reported on a submitted invoice.

    Completed Days – the average number of days between the Application Date and Completed date

    Units Completed – the total number of units completed, including Multifamily eligible clients.



     The Intake Clients column includes the number of clients in each of the following statuses:

     Eligible - client is eligible for weatherization work.

     Ineligible - client is not eligible for weatherization work.

     Incomplete - application is not complete.

     MF Ineligible - multifamily projects where applicant is not eligible



    For example, the screenshot above shows that there are 40 total clients, 17 eligible clients, 0 ineligible clients, 23 clients with incomplete applications and 0 ineligible multifamily clients.



    1. This report shows the status of jobs within a specified Date Range. To see clients and jobs in the system at a specified target date, select the Client Status Report.  That report also provides the ability to view client and job detail.
    2. Multifamily units on this Report - multifamily projects are listed on the Multifamily List on the main menu. Each project can have linked jobs and multiple common areas. Common areas will not count as a unit on this report, but jobs that are linked to a multifamily project will appear under each job status. 
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