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    The Personnel screen is used to manage agency and vendor users.  All system users will display on this screen.  Auditors, inspectors, furnace technicians and monitor inspectors who do not directly use the system (have not been set up with a user record) can be added on this screen as well as Davis Bacon personnel.  The following information is displayed in the columns: User Name; Job Title; Hourly Rate; Number of Exemptions; Unique ID; Hiring Date; Vendor; Agency. 

    To access this screen, select Personnel on the VENDOR/CREW menu.

    1. To create a new record, click Add
    2. To view (read-only) an existing record, click View at the beginning of the row.
    3. To edit an existing record, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
    4. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row.



    See the tasks below for instructions on using the Personnel screen.



     Search and Filter Options, Sort the Personnel List, Add New Personnel, Personnel List Report, Delete Personnel, Related Tasks and Information



    Agencies will see a list of their vendors and Administrators can select an Agency from the drop-down list.  You can also search for personnel by entering a Hiring Date range, then click Search.  To find a specific vendor, enter the desired search criteria (User Name, Job Title, Unique ID or Vendor) and click the Apply Filter button.   

    For example, if you are searching for a person with the last name of Hartman, select Contains and enter “hart” in the Contact column search box and click the Apply Filter button. 


    The list is displayed alphabetically by User Name, but can be sorted by any column heading.  Click the heading once to sort the data in ascending order, click a second time to sort in descending order.



    You can add personnel such as Davis Bacon personnel, auditors and furnace technicians who will not be directly using the system on this screen.  Before you add a new person, be sure to search the list to ensure they do not already exist. 

    1. From the VENDOR/CREW menu, select Personnel and click Add.
    2. Enter the User Name.
    3. Select the Agency from the drop-down list if this person is part of your agency’s staff or crew.  Leave the field blank if this person is the employee of a vendor.
    4. Enter the person’s Address, including their city and state.
    5. Enter their zip code in the Zip field.
    6. Enter their fax number in the Fax field.
    7. Enter their phone number in the Phone field.
    8. Enter their Job Title.
    9. Enter their Hourly Rate.
    10. Enter the date they were hired in the Hiring Date field.
    11. Enter an ID in the Unique ID field.
    12. Enter the Number of Exemptions this person is claiming.
    13. If this person is the employee of a vendor, select the Vendor/Crew Name from the drop-down list.
    14. If this person is a Davis Bacon approver, check the Authorized Davis-Bacon wage approver checkbox.
    15. Enter their Fringe Benefits Rate if fringe benefits are paid in cash.
    16. To make a person inactive, check the No longer employed checkbox
      • Once a person is made inactive, they will no longer appear for selection on drop-down lists. For example, if the person is an auditor, their name will no longer appear on the drop-down list when you select an auditor.
    17. Under Weatherization roles, if the person is an auditor, inspector, furnace tech or monitor inspector, select the applicable role(s).
      • Hold down the CTRL Key while left-clicking your mouse to select multiple roles (selected roles will be highlighted)
      • Selecting a Weatherization role makes the person available to be selected from the following drop-down lists:
    • Auditor – can be selected from the Auditor list on the Audit Information
    • Inspector – can be selected from the Schedule Inspector list on the Inspection
    • Furnace Tech – can be selected from the Furnace Tech list on the Audit Information
    • DELETE PERSONNELMonitor Inspector – can be selected from the Monitor List on the Monitor Inspection
    1. Click Save.


    • If you pay a person different rates based on their role or location, they can be added more than one time.



    To print the Personnel List Report, click the Export to Excel button at the bottom of the screen.  This will export a list of users, their job title, hiring date, vendor and agency information to an Excel spreadsheet. 


    If a person has been assigned to a job they cannot be deleted.  We recommend marking personnel as inactive by checking the No longer employed checkbox rather than deleting them from the list.


    Selection lists for auditors, inspectors, furnace technicians and monitor inspectors are populated based on Weatherization roles assigned on this screen for personnel who do not have user records in the system. 


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