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    ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2013 Calculator in the HEAT mobile app


    How to use the 62.2-2013 calculator in HEAT:

    1. From the HEAT mobile app's dashboard, select Air Infiltration.

    2. Enter a Target CFM @50 value (this value can be estimated for now and changed later.)


    3. Click Enter Pretest to complete the pre-test blower door information. 

    4. Choose the ring type, enter the house pressure and enter the cfm @50.


    5.Go back, and under “Building Ventilation” tap Enter Vent.

    6. Name the fan and its location (e.g. kitchen, upstairs bath)


    7. Select if the fan is located in a Bathroom or Kitchen


    8. Check affected if there is no exhaust fan present. 

    More details - A bathroom fan is affected if there is no exhaust fan of 50 cfm or greater.  A kitchen fan is affected if there is no exhaust fan of 100 cfm or greater. Do not check this box if a fan is to be installed as part of whole building ventilation, and if the fan will be equal to 5 ACH or greater.


    9. Window Operable = Is there a window in the room that can be opened?

    10. Check new if a new fan be added to the room. (Leave new unchecked if no fan will be added.)

    11. Enter the existing exhaust fan flow and save


    12. The entry is saved at the bottom. Choose this row to add a new entry to enter more bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans.


    13. To add the next exhaust fan, after choosing this row to add a new entry, the top of the screen will clear.


    14. Complete the information for the next exhaust fan and save.


    15. All exhaust fans will save at the bottom


    16. The calculator's results display under Ventilation Details

    Total Air Deficit (cfm) -  Sum of the kitchen and bath deficits.  The airflow deficit is related to the Alternative Compliance Supplement, or the Total Airflow Deficit * .25


    Total Required Ventilation Rate (cfm) - This is the required ventilation rate made up of a combination of natural infiltration and whole building ventilation. It's based on the Ashrae equation of 3% of the floor area plus 7.5 cfm times the no. of occupants  (In Hancock occupants = total no. of family members)


    Alternative Compliance Supplement (cfm) - Equal to 0.25*total airflow deficit


    Effective Annual Average Infiltration Rate (cfm) - Based on the blower door test, this is the average constant flow rate that has the equivalent effect on air quality as the real year round variable infiltration rate

    Ashrae 62.2-13 Required Continuous CFM Rate


    Installed Mechanical Ventilation Fan Capacity (cfm) - Minimum required continuously operating flow rate of the whole building ventilation

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