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    How is fuel usage that is entered from customer bills and added to the energy consumption screen used in energy modeling calculations?


    How is data from the energy consumption screen used in energy savings calculations?

    The user entered utility usage from the energy consumption screen is not used in energy modeling or SIR calculations. Instead, the energy model takes the existing conditions entered by the user and models a pre-usage. The calculated pre-usage can be viewed on the energy savings screen. It is the modeled post usage minus the modeled pre usage that determines the energy savings.


    How is data from the energy consumption screen used in reports?

    The values entered on the energy consumption screen under Heating, Cooling, DHW (Domestic Hot Water) and Baseload are used in the following places:



    Modeling Report and Quick Home Audit Report - Displays as a pie chart for the client to understand the breakdown of his or her current energy usage (Used for client education only, not in the energy savings sections of the report).



    Energy Savings Report - The "actual report pre-usage" and "actual reported pre-mmbtu" displays in the system fuel section of this report so auditors can manually compare the user-entered billing data to the modeled data. The audit does not automatically calibrate billing information to modeled information, the calibration should be a manual calibration.

    Measure Energy Savings Report - Some programs use program performance reports. One of these reports is the Measure Energy Savings Report.  This report is an excel export that includes a column named user entered pre-usage. 

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