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    Usage Ratio Error Message on Heating and Cooling Screen

    If you are receiving the error message: "Usage ratio not equal to 100 percent "
    on the heating and cooling screen, please verify:
    • An Existing Heating system exists if you are creating a New Heating System
    • All usage ratios for each Grouping (Existing Heating Systems, Existing Cooling Systems [minus room AC], New Heating Systems, and New Cooling Systems) are equal to 100%.
    Independently, the sum of all existing heating records must equal 100%. The sum of all existing cooling records must equal 100%. The sum of all new heating records must equal 100%. And, the sum of all new cooling records must equal 100%. 
    For further details on using the Heating and Cooling screens, please see this training video: https://hancocksoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207270546-Heating-and-Cooling-Dashboard-web-application- 


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