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    New Users: Creating your first Full House Audit and Energy Savings Model


    Creating Full House Audits requires a minimum set of data to enable the Energy Savings Modeling.

    Once you have entered in Client Information, and the client is approved for an Audit, try creating a full house audit by completing the data on the following pages:

    Building Information

    • Select Weather data
    • House dimensions ( For example, if a house had a basement the entry would be 44x24x8 = floor 1 , then a new row with 44x24x8= floor 2)
    • Optional = Building information / general information

    Heating/ Cooling

    • Add existing heating system (required fields = system type, usage ratio = 100%)
    • Add existing cooling system (+ sign on the bottom right adds new systems, usage ratio, system age are required)

    Zonal Distribution
    Quantity - If using Duct work, enter in the total linear ft of supply duct.

    • Assign an existing system to the Distribution.


    • An easy way to model this screen is to enter "Whole house Lighting"
    • Choose the existing fixture (ex: Incandescent 50 watt)
    • The rest of the screen populates for you

    Hot Water Heater Direct Install

    • Choose a measure, like a shower head and enter quantity and price
    • "Choose this row to add a new entry" to add the aerators (or next measure)

    Hot water tank

    • Size, Temperature, Usage ratio and pipe length


    • Length , width, existing R value in the attic, framing = unfloored


    Example of 2 wall entries, one for the north and south, one for the east and west:

    • Length x width , quantity of walls defined (2), orientation (east), exsiting R value of wall
    • Length x width , quantity of walls defined (2), orientation (west), existing R value of wall
    • (On each wall, click "window and doors" and create a window type and place the windows on the wall)

    First entry - Basement floor:
    The length and width of the floor below (section type = cantilever floor, framing hardwood floor)

    Second entry - Conditioned walls
    The perimeter of the walls x the wall height (section type = conditioned, heated basement walls)

    Air Infiltration
    If you choose the fan pressure and house pressure, the CFM will auto calculate. Then enter the target.

    Click energy model to see the results, and modeling report to see an example homeowner report


    Trying to model a Small Multi-family home using Single family modeling? Select "Single family rental" rather than "Owner occupied Single family" This should allow you to model the home as a single family instead of a multi-family home.

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