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    How do I view a list of jobs with high job costs for completed jobs?


    From System Reports on the left menu, set the report group to Agency Production/Statistical Reports choose the report Job List enter a date range and select a funding source.  Then, set the Wap Status field equal to complete, select an option from the "order by" drop down list and click "Print."  


    In Export panel select the Excel option. This exports the file to excel where the report can be sorted highest to lowest by the last column "Job Total."


    Note: The definition of complete in Hancock is a job where all measures are on a submitted invoice. If you'd like to view a list of all paid jobs, read this article.




    Why do some have a red background?

    Answer: When the auditor and inspector for a job are the same person the background will show red to denote that these jobs violate DOE Guidance.

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