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    Excel to fails to open some .xls files


    Update to Office causes Excel to fail to open some .xls files


    After Clicking Export to Excel on some Reports, Excel opens and only shows a gray screen, or is unable to Open the exported Excel file.


    Like many software providers, Hancock software produces some of our Excel files using html.  A recent update to Office (confirmed in Office 2010, 2013) has caused some computers to fail to open files that are of type .xls containing html in Excel.

    Next Steps:

    Hancock is actively working with Microsoft to address their upgrade issue and we, along with many other software providers, are awaiting their resolution.



    • Microsoft Forums have suggested, and our customers have confirmed, that the following changes will resolve this issue:
      1. Excel Settings Update:
        Open Excel. Go to Options --> Trust Center --> Trust Center Settings --> Protected View --> Uncheck "Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet" check box. 

        Close Excel, Web Browser.

        Test it to make sure it works.
      2.  Add the domain where the files are downloaded from to your Trusted Sites in your Internet Options.


    • Customers can continue to view all reports on the web page, can Export to .doc or to .pdf where available.
    • Some software Vendors are recommending that the latest Excel update (specifically Excel 2010 KB3115322) be removed and opening Excel files will work.  
    • If a report is required in Excel format and can not be exported, please contact Customer support and we will assist in generating the data output in an Excel file and send it to you.
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