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    Rework/Re-weatherization Feature

    The process to ensure homes identified for re-weatherization by their subgrantees are eligible and tracked by their completion date.
    Once weatherization work is complete, invoiced and paid in Hancock, the job is locked. The "Rework" feature in Hancock is available for agencies to create and track work associated with a job after the job has been invoiced and paid.

    This feature has the following features to ensure federal Funding Sources requirements:

    • The State (grantee) must approve the job for rework within Hancock Software. If the State does not approve the job, the job can't be processed for re-weatherization.
    • The subgrantee has the ability to add measures to a job after it has been approved by the state.

    • This does NOT change the completion date or the period in which the job is reported as complete. Statistical and federal reporting should not change if rework occurs.

    • Rework expenses are reported in the period in which they occur.
    •  A Rework report is available in System Reports, Agency Invoicing Reports  that includes # of rework jobs and status of rework jobs:


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