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    How do I assign a job to another Agency?


    Clients and Jobs can be assigned to their appropriate agencies when they are first created on the Client Information screen if you are an administrator of more than one agency.  

    *Users who are only members of one agency will have clients automatically assigned to the agency they own.

    For State Administrators or Administrators of multiple agencies, there is a screen to enable reassignment of a job to a new Agency.  If you do not see the Job Assignment screen, please contact a State Administrator to make the change for you.


    To Change the Agency a Job is assigned to:

    1. Navigate to Home > Job > Job Assignment.
    2. Select the Agency the Job is currently assigned to from the top pulldown. Click Search.
    3. Find the Job in the Grid.
    4. Select the Job by clicking it one time. It will become Highlighted.
    5. Select the Agency to assign to the Job from the bottom pulldown.
    6. Click Save. 


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