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    Edit or Change Funding Source and Common Errors


    When a Job is still in progress, Funding Sources may be changed on the Selected Measure screen within the Job. 

    To Edit the Funding Source:

    1. Open the desired Job.  

    2. Under WAP, click on Selected Measures.  

    3. Click on the EDIT pencil button for the desired Measure.

    **If a Job has been locked, the Job must be unlocked in order to change a Funding Source. This can be done from the Energy Savings Screen. 

    If a Job has a Work Order or has been Installed, a Change Audit can be used to change the Funding Source. 



    Why can't I select multiple Funding Sources under Selected Measures?

    The most common error is that a Funding Source has been selected for the "Pre-Select Funding" under the Client Information Screen. By leaving this option blank, you will be able to select more than one Funding Source under the Selected Measures tab.


    Why can't I use the "Set" button at the bottom of the Selected Measures Screen? 

    If you are modifying the Funding Source and it cannot be Mixed with the existing Funding Source, you will not be able to use the "set" button at the bottom of the Selected Measure screen.  Please edit each measure on the selected measure screen and manually change the funding source.  


    I am getting errors. Why can't I choose a Funding Source and save?

    The most common reason for errors in changing the  Funding Source is that you are changing to a Funding Source that cannot be mixed with the current Funding.

    To use a new Funding Source that does not mix with the existing funding, please delete all of the current Funding Sources on each individual measure at the selected measure screen. Once all Funding Sources are removed you can now enter the new Funding Source using the set button.


    Cannot Assign Duplicate Funding Source?

    Many programs prevent a single Funding Source from being assigned to any Job that was performed at a single Address.

    If you get this error, you will need to return to the Job List, look up the address which is being entered, and identify all Jobs that are assigned to that address. One of these Jobs will have a Measure that is assigned the Funding Source which you are trying to enter.  

    Hancock is bound by State regulations on this rule. Please contact your State for approval if you need to duplicate using a single Funding Source at this address.  

    Many states will recommend a Change Audit rather than a new Job. 




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