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    How to get HEAT App files from iTunes



    The iPad stores HEAT App data on the local device. In rare cases,  Audits that have not been uploaded may be sent to the Support Team for remote upload by following these instructions:

    1. Connect the iPad with iTunes.  You will need an Apple iTunes account and password to connect to the iTunes software.
    2. Once you have opened iTunes, tap on the device name listed in the Devices list at the left side view.
    3. Click the Applications tab at the left side view.
    4. Scroll down the right side view to find the HEAT3_1 application in the File Share list.
    5. Click the HEAT application, you will see the HeatDB.SQLite file and other files listed in the Documents in "HEAT3_1" in the right view.
    6. Select ALL of the files, and restore the files to any other places in your PC.

    7. Zip all files and send the zipped file to support@hancocksoftware.com.

     Advanced Functionality:

    - If you have entered in data on an incorrect version, you can copy these files to your local computer.

    - You then need to follow the instructions for Reinstalling the HEAT App.

    - Then need to Download the Jobs to the iPad 

     - Open the iPad and copy the old files back to the HEAT App file. Then upload the job.

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