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    How can users comply with federal income eligibility requirements?


    Automatic Eligibility Determination

    The software automatically calculates Client Eligibility for both Single and Multifamily applications:

    1. Hancock’s WAP Edition brings eligibility guideline definitions to the user interface. Eligibility guidelines are updated year-to-year by program administrators through the user interface, so software development knowledge is not necessary to update guidelines.


    Image Above: Income guidelines defined by family size.

    2. For every application, the software checks the number of family members and the Income guidelines, and displays an eligibility status of “Eligible” if the application meets the program guidelines:


    Image Above: The system displays an “Eligibility” status if all eligibility criteria is met

    3. The software also checks if required documentation was collected and uploaded to the system before a client is determined “Eligible.”

    4. Client Applications expire after a period of time (typically one year but can determined by each State differently) once they are first submitted. If any application has expired, the software notifies the user that the Client must re-apply before weatherization work can be started.  


    Image Above: Client’s Application Expires.

    5. The software prevents any weatherization work from beginning if the Client doesn’t meet all of the eligibility criteria.

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