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    No Jobs on my iPad. How do I get Jobs or Audits on my HEAT App?


    What is the Heat iPad App?

    The HEAT App is an iPad app used to record an Audit without WiFi or an internet connection.  The Audit can then be sent back to the main system when the Auditor has an internet connection.

    I downloaded the App and Trusted it, Now what? Why is it Empty?

    When a user first downloads the Heat App to their iPad it is empty.    

    When you Log In to the iPad app, you tell the app which State or Agency you work with by entering in the URL that matches the WAP Online URL that holds all of your client information.   

    For Example: If you work for the state or company named  ZZ, you log into WAP Online on your computer by typing in 


    So, on the iPad, you would enter in the first box: https://zz.hancocksoftware.com/Wx  

    and use the same Username and Password that you use for WAP Online.



    Now that you have logged into the Heat App, you will see the button Download.

    When you click Download:

    - The HEAT App will talk to the main site (this is the URL you entered). 

    - It will ask if there are any Jobs that:

    •    Have the "Auditor" field set to Username that you logged in with.
    •    Have a Status of "Scheduled"
    •    Are not "Denied/Deferred"
    •    Are created after 2015.  (Jobs before 2015 are not able to be audited with Heat)

    If all of these are True, when you click Download, the App will download a copy of all of the jobs that meet the above rules, all of the Available measures in your company, and all of the rules for entering in Audits. This will take a few minutes.  

    Once these jobs are downloaded to your iPad they will show up under the button "Jobs."  You can now disconnect from Wifi and enter in your audits on-the-go.



    How do I assign Jobs to download to my Heat App?

    Assigning jobs has to be done on the Main website that you use for your Agency or State.

    You will need to use your laptop or computer, log into the Same URL you enter on the iPad (in our example  https://zz.hancocksoftware.com/Wx  ).

    Then find the Jobs on the Job List that need to be Audited.  Edit the job and:

    •    Have the "Auditor" field set to Username that you logged in with
    •    Have a Status of "Scheduled"
    •    Make sure the job is not "Denied/Deferred."
    •    Please note the job must be created after 2015 (Jobs before 2015 are not able to be audited with Heat)
    •    Click "Save"


    You can now Log out of the WAP Online on your computer or Laptop and then Log into the HEAT App.  

    Now click Download.


    Curious about how to enter in a basic audit? Visit our Getting Started Training series




    I've followed everything above, why am I still not seeing my jobs?

    • Please have user verify that there are not TWO or more User Profiles for the same name listed under the individuals State. i.e. If a user has two or more User Profiles, jobs may be sent to the incorrect profile unknowingly. 
    • Make sure you are not downloading more than 10 jobs at a time as you will receive a Time Out error.
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