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    Cannot Invoice Job


    For a Job to be invoiced, it must be in Inspected Status and not be on the 'Incomplete' list

    To see if a Job is 'Incomplete', create an invoice, edit the invoice and click the Add_icon.png to add a job, and then at the bottom click "View Incomplete Jobs".  

    Reasons a Job may be on the incomplete list include:

    Need approval:  The Job needs approval on the State Approval or Measure Approval Screens.

    No Funding Source: You have a measure or measures with no Funding Source. Edit the Job under Selected Measures and assign a Funding Source.

    Missing post blower door test:  Under Air Infiltration add the Post Blower Door reading.

    Missing WAP documents:  All documents must either be Completed or Not Required.  

    Open Change Audit:  You have not completed the Change Audit.

    No Cost:  You have a measure or measures with no cost associated or a 0 quantity.  

    Missing CAZ data:  Edit the Job by entering the CAZ testing information.

    Missing Photo:  You have required photos that are missing.   



    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why can't I invoice a job, it is not on the Invoice List or Incomplete list?

    1.   The most common reason is that the Job Status is not set to Inspected.

    You can view the status of a Job by selecting the Job List tab and searching the desired Job number. Audited indicates you have a measure that has not been work ordered. If your job is in Inspected status, check the Incomplete job list for your job.

    2.  The second most common reason is that the job is marked for Monitor Inspection.  Please open the job, and see if there are any entries in the Monitor Inspection section.

    Waiting on Monitor:  Contact your State Monitor Inspector and ask him/her to "un-select" the job until you have invoiced.  

     3. Another reason is that the Job may have been marked as "Denied." Please view the Client Info page to see if Denied is checked.


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