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    Collecting Electronic Signatures on the HEAT App with HelloSign


    Electronic Signatures on HEAT



    A new feature of HEAT now supports electronic signatures on documents using your iPad.  This feature allows field assessors/auditors to have clients approve documents with their signature while at the client’s home or business. 

    Step 1: Setup

    • To begin, Make sure your HEAT app is updated to latest version available from the web site or distributed by your IT department.

    • To be able to capture electronic signatures, you will need to download a free third-party app called “Hellosign” from the app store.


    How to download “Hellosign:”

    1. On your iPad go to the app store and search for Hellosign and install.
    2. When you first open “Hellosign” the user needs to sign up for a free account (if you have a gmail account, you can sign in with your existing google account, or create a new account.)


    Step 2: How to Use Electronic Signature

    1.  Schedule a new job or take an existing job.  Confirm in Hancock One that the job’s WAP Documents screen shows the list of documents to be signed while at the client’s site.  Download the job to the HEAT iPad app.

    1.  There is a new icon called “Document” on the HEAT dashboard.  

    3.  On the HEAT dashboard, open the new “Document” icon and tap one of electronic documents listed. 


    4.You will see the address of the property, city, state and zip automatically fill in.    When you’re ready to electronically sign, or fill out more information on the electronic document, tap the top right icon.

    5. Tap “Import with HelloSign.”  The electronic document opens in HelloSign.  

    6. Tap at the bottom to add additional text, signature or date.  Then tap to place the signature and sign.

    7. After signing, click “Send,” and “open in” and click “HEAT.”  This returns the document, signed, to the HEAT app.


    7. If you need to email the signed form from HEAT, tap the send to icon again and choose "Mail," which will attach the document as a pdf and create an email on your iPad.  Users in Maryland will often use this feature to email completed electronic signatures to MES.

    8. Now, continue energy auditing and when you’re ready, upload the job back to WAP Online, in the WAP documents screen the document will be electronically signed.

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