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    Inactive and Incomplete Applications Reports


    There are several ways to identify why an applicant is not eligible for Weatherization.  For diagnosing why the application has not been approved or is ineligible, please look at the following screens: 

    System Reports / Client Letter List Reports / Incomplete Letter Report

    This report takes a little longer to load, but it will generate a letter for all Ineligible Applicant accounts and will include the exact reports or data that are missing for any account.




    Some versions of the software include a checkbox to mark applications as Inactive and the reason why on the client information screen.

    Client Information Screen


    The Documents screen is another part of the intake process where applications are marked as complete, not required, or left blank if waiting to be received. In the below example, eligibility certification and proof of ownership are missing and waiting to be received.

    Client Intake / (Eligibility) Documents Screen


    Create a report to view all applicants that are missing documentation or marked as inactive and view the reason why.

    System Reports / Client Letter List Reports / Incomplete Applicant List

    Shows a list of the applicants which are incomplete, can be filtered by date and Agency. 





    Why is my client ineligible or applicant ineligible?

    The most common reasons for client ineligibility are:

    - The income level is not within the defined poverty level

    - Documents are not uploaded or are missing a setting.  

    To identify missing data, please run the Incomplete Letter Report above, inside the letter it will identify the missing documents or fields.



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