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    How to enter and Model a Duplex or other Multifamily Project as One Building using the Project's Common Area


    The multifamily module supports entering and modeling a project's energy conservation measures as one building or as single units. 

    This article will discuss how to enter a multi-family project as one building, using the project's common area to enter measures.


    1. Go to the Multifamily List screen and Add Project complete the information on the screen and save.

    2. In the demographics section, choose enter total or enter each client.  Enter each client should be chosen if the funding source requires detailed family member data and demographic information. Enter total can be used to sum the total family member data. 

    Enter Each Client -

    A. Select add client and complete the client information screen.

    B. Complete the Energy Consumption, Family, Income and Documents screen. 

    C. Do not move forward to the client's audit information screen if you do not want to model or add measures to the client's record. Instead, click home to return to the main project screen and repeat steps A-C above.


    Enter Total-

    A. Enter the total demographics for each section:


    3. Under the main project's WAP section is where you will complete the energy modeling and/or entering of energy conservation measures for the entire building.  To do this, complete the common area energy consumption, Audit Information, WAP Documents and weatherization screens. Then create work order, installation and inspection records and invoice the project.

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