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    How to Weatherize Ineligible Multi family Units - 66% Rule / 50% Rule


    When you are entering a multi-family project, all units, even income ineligible ones, can be weatherized as long as 50% of the units are income-eligible for projects with 4 units or less, and 66% of the units are income-eligible for projects with 5 or more units.

    This 50%/66% rule is enforced in Hancock, here's how to use the feature:

    1. In the Multifamily List screen,  Add Project or edit an existing project.

    2. In the demographics section, choose to enter each client.  Enter each client should be chosen if the funding source requires detailed family member data and demographic information. (The Enter Total can be used if the detailed demographic breakdown is not needed).

    Enter Each Client -

    A. Select add client and complete the client information screen.

    B. Complete the Energy Consumption, Family, Income, and Documents screen. 


    Link Clients-

    A. Link existing jobs that use the same address by using the link client button.

    When you link or add the new clients to the project, the income-ineligible clients will show as eligible as long as the project is eligible.

    A quick way to see if a project is eligible is to hover your mouse over the project information screen and the project name:

    By having a Project that is eligible for weatherization all clients in the project will then be eligible if the project meets the 50%/66% rule enforced in the software. If the project meets these DOE guidelines, then you will be able to weatherize the common areas and non-eligible units up to a max dollars of $ = (#EligibleUnits * DOE Average per unit).

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