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    Agency Coverage Screen: Assigning Cities, Counties and Fuel Vendors


    When new clients are added to the software, an available dropdown list of cities and counties appear on the client information screen, as well as fuel vendors on the energy consumption screen. These values displayed in this drop-down list are unique to an agency and controlled by the agency coverage screen.

    To display additional cities, counties and fuel vendors for a specific agency, a user with an administrator role can go under General Information to the Agency Coverage screen.

    How to assign or map new cities counties and fuel vendors:

    1. Open the Agency Coverage screen

    2. Select the tab of the information you'd like to assign (city, county or fuel vendor):

    3. Search the short name of the agency (if you do not know the short name, check the agency screen)

    4. Check to see if the existing city, county or fuel vendor is already assigned to the agency.  If you do not see a record for the agency and the desired city, county or fuel vendor, then click the add new  button and create a new entry.

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