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    Schedule Assessment and Download Project to the MINT App


    Before you can download and access a Project on the MINT App, you must first schedule the Project for Assessment by completing the steps in this article.


    Preparing Project for Assessment:

    1. From the Project screen, make sure your Filters are set to 'All' and click on the Assessment Date column to sort by ascending date. A Project that has no date means that it needs to be scheduled for an Assessment.

    2. Select the record that you would like to schedule an Assessment for and click the arrow to expand the record.


    3. Under the Schedule & Document tab, click New.

    4. Under Task, select Assessment, add a Person, select a Scheduled Date and then click Save.
    5. You will now be able to access your Project on the MINT application.


    Syncing and Opening your Project on the MINT App:

    1. Once you have successfully downloaded the MINT App, you will start by tapping the Sync icon on the bottom right corner.
    2. On the new window, tap Sync Now.

    3. Once completed, the screen will say Sync Complete and you can tap on Close This Window.


    4. You will be taken back to the Home screen where you can tap on View File to get started with your Assessment.
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