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    How To Create Work Orders In Hancock Cloud


    Before Inspecting your Project, you will first need to create your Work Order(s).

    How to create a Work Order in Hancock Cloud video: https://youtu.be/OqjYxs1y00s


    Creating a Work Order in Hancock Cloud:

    1. From the Project screen, search for the desired Project; make sure your Filters are set to 'All.' Then, click on the arrow to expand the record.

    2. Next, under the Measure Management grid, you will want to select which Measures you would like to add to a Work Order. You do this by checking the box of the Measures that have the same Class Identify listed. Then, click on Update.

    3.  On the Update Work Order screen, you will select your Contractor from the Contractor drop-down; be sure to select an option from sub-drop-down as indicated by being outlined in grey, not the blue.

    4. After you select your Contractor, you will need to add an Order Date. Then, click on Apply.

    5. Repeat the above steps for each Area.

    6. To print out your Work Order, you need to go to the Project Info grid. Click on the All Reports drop-down and select Long Work Order Report. You will then be able to select how you'd like to open the file.

    7. Your Work Order will generate in a new window in the file type you've selected.

    8. To print a Work Order for a single Measure or group of Measures, simply check the box of the desired record(s) and then print the Work Order using the same steps above. In this example, we are printing a Work Order for just the Lighting Measures.




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