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    How to add a new project manually to Hancock Cloud


    If your organization uses another software system and that system sends data to Hancock, then add the project to the other system and push it to Hancock.


    If you need to add a project directly in Hancock, here are the steps:


    1. Log in to the URL provided to you and go to the menu item "Application".  Add a new application, fill out the contact info and Save.



    1. Expand the energy consumption area and select the fuel vendor name using the dropdown list and enter an account number if you have it. If you don't have the account number, check "no account number" and save


    1. The next tab over is Application Qualification. Tab over to there and select "Qualify"



    1. Then, go back to the application list screen, check your project name and select "Create Project"image.png


    1. After clicking Create Project you will automatically be taken to the projects screen and your project will be open. Expand the project and edit the job number field to match the VisionID. Project / Vision ID numbers should start with the prefix "SMCEAU"

    mceclip2.pngWithin the schedule grid for your project add a scheduled assessment event for yourself, like this:



    1. Sign out of the back end.


    1. Make sure your mint version is up to date. If you are using an older version, then delete Mint from your device and reinstall it. 


    1. Sync --  now you should get the newly scheduled project on your Mint app.



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