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    How to Add New or Edit Exisitng Measures in Hancock Cloud


    Log in to your Hancock Cloud web interface and select Measure from the top menu.

    1. To edit a measure that already exists in your measure list, search for the measure in the "Search by Name" box.  (The measure group field to the right can be set to anything, the search by name field is a universal search field.) Then, skip to step 3.




    2. To add a new measure select the measure group you'd like to add the measure to and select New. Type in the measure information on the first row. In the screenshot below we are adding the measure name "Night Covers"  to the Lighting measure group.  If the measure is a recommendation, check Is recommendation, if the measure is an existing condition then leave is recommendation checked off. Select the project type, enter the costs, enter the catalogue IDs if you are transferring the measure through an API and fill out the other measure fields and save.




    3. Use the name search field to find your measure and select enter. Expand the  arrow in the first column to see the measure details.



    4. In the allocations grid select new, select the allocation and make sure active is checked on.



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