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    Generate and Print an NEIF Financing Report, ADR/EV Proposal or CES-ADR Customer Agreement Form


    If your program offers Financing, Hancock has the feature to integrate with National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) API.  This article discusses how to generate and print forms, such as the NEIF financing report, Customer Agreement Form and the ADR/EV Proposals.


    Here's how to use it:


    The minimum financed amount for NEIF projects is $2,000.Within the Mint proposal section, if you generate a proposal that is more than $2000 you can generate and print an NEIF Financing Report.


    To generate an NEIF Financing Report, an ADR/EV Proposal or a CES-ADR Customer Agreement Form select "Proposals" on Mint:



    Make sure the Total Price column on the Proposed Item Cost tab exceeds $2,000. If it does, then you can open the Cost Savings Analysis tab:



    Select the "NEIF Report" option




    After you have finalized the project costs, select "Save and Submit." 



    You'll get a message "Save completed, PDF Stored. Please sync to store in the Hancock Cloud." If you select the "back" arrow



    If you want to view the document you saved, select "Documents"



    All of the documents that you saved and signed will show within the document icon. You can "view" if you'd like:



    Select Done when you are finished viewing the documents



    Mark the File as Done if you want it removed from your Mint device.




    Then, Navigate to Mint's home screen and select "Sync" at the bottom right of the Home screen and select "Sync Now" to sync the documents and project back to the Hancock Cloud web-based system.



    The Hancock Cloud web-based system is where you will print these documents out. Log in using a browser to the url provided to you:



    Highlight the "Projects" tab and expand the arrow next to the project name. Go to "All Reports" and select the "Signed Document Report"






    Select the one you want to print and the PDF will download to your computer.



    Open the PDF and print:







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